In compari
son to a fund raising process (several months) and during a limited amount of time, we can occasionally support entrepreneurs in various ways:

acquisition or merger targets

Targeted advice 
on your existing documentation

Pre-list potential investors 
interested in your area

Elaborate valuation analysis (comparables) & provide advice upon financial set up (valuation tunneling, financial instruments, milestones, other T&Cs)

"Business Plan Factory
based on our proprietary advanced methodology

Financial consulting: vertical advice upon financial modeling. From business model design to financial forecasting and CFO work based on your input along with our exhaustive experience

Research, gather and structure market information in a strategic perspective. 

This assignment is well-fitted for example for early stage cases in high need of formalisation. Besides, this kind of assignment, or a more typical fund raising mission, can result from the entrepreneur or investor initiative, in our taking an independent board member or observer seat in the board of growth companies, getting involved in longer terms.

"If you wish to reach the highest, begin at the lowest" - Publilius Syrus