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There are strong complementarities between M&A and fund raising advisory businesses, in the same logic of growth, or exit. There are strong similarities in the process: prepare, execute, close. Mergers and acquisitions strategies often happen in innovative markets, which tend to be fragmented, run by companies having an ambition to quickly reach a dominant position. 

Those M&A opportunities are performed more or less actively in a certain market timing, company's time frame, or even pace... We source and help to execute them as an independent third party seeking to create win-win situations for our customers:

Growth companies
    • Seeking acquisition targets to accelerate their growth, expand product/geographical range;
    • Going for a fund raising including one or several acquisition targets in their growth roadmap. This often happens in our fund raising cases in expansion or late stage;
    • Looking for a potential acquirer, for partial or total transfer of shares, with a corporation, a private equity investor, or both.
Medium and large companies
    • Seeking external growth targets in certain field or region to benefit from external R&D, innovation and faster growth than organic growth;
    • Seeking to preempt a product/market with strong potential;
    • In need of support for the realization of spin-outs (to be merged/acquired/financed), which are not core business for them;
seeking external growth or exit opportunities for their portfolio companies.
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Buy time, Gain market share, Acquire Technology, new sales channels, 
Benefit from synergies, Reinforce competitive advantage...