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Other services we offer to investors include:

Radar, Intelligence, 
Research; bring you timely the 20% of information that counts for you, while an extreme minority of all "information bombing" can be considered strategic;

Pre-selection of "high quality deals"
 fitting your specific criteria;

Enlargement of your quality deal flow
 beyond your national borders;

Fund raising advisory - for funds
: we have experience in advising and making state-of-the-art Private Placement Memorandums, structure PPMs, P&L and Pitch for extremely demanding Limited Partners;

Business development: 
assignment on specific business development tasks in portfolio companies, making sure within the company certain guidelines get implemented;

Sectorial analysis
: you are seeking best-of-breed targets in a given field or plan a portfolio company of yours to expand in a given field, you need time-consuming thorough market research (incl. TAM evaluation, segmentation, transactions listing, top down/ bottom up analysis), strategic analysis, structuration of opportunities and sound advice;

Board member/observer seat
: legal constraints don't allow you to be represented in corporate governance, but you are allowed to name delegates; fund-of-fund seeking to delegate representation, management and expertise;

Secondary and fund-of-fund
: benefit from 
external independent, thorough and complementary portfolio analysis, delegate management / representation in portfolio companies.
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A fully fledged offer of outsourced services for investors