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Here is the set of services we provide:

Fund Raising / M&A
: support you and the management team in your portfolio companies to have a structured and consistent approach to reach ambitious fund raising and external growth objectives in their international growth strategy;

Exit / liquidity management
: making you reach certain industrial or financial acquirers;

Local agent / due diligences
: we have structured templates of scoring to justify our analysis performed on your behalf. We guarantee you that working with us, no stone will be left unturned;

Working on a finder's fee basis on "ad hoc" deals fitting your criteria "spot on": t
his sourcing oriented mandate is signed on the investor' side and includes an exclusivity so long the deal is not rejected; we created this mandate on request of investors trusting our "quality deal" sourcing ability. This is a rare sort of mandate granted ad hoc / exceptionally. Now if we come across a "perfect potential match" with your investment criteria, this is one way to work.  

Examples of deals timely presented to a selection of VCs include first quartile investment opportunities such as Spotify (before the 2008's round when the valuation was about 5% of what it is in 2011 after the round with Kleiner PerkinsAccel and DST..), TAT (The Astonishing Tribe, Sweden), (France)Scandinavian Biogas (Sweden), Neolane (France). If none were unfortunately accepted so far in particular because this is an exclusive (it excludes other investors) and exceptional activity on the margin, in the meantime some nice investment opportunities did come timely for a few investors; opportunities which would not have come otherwise.
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