Your partner for "Glocal approach" - International selection, local deal screening - Quality deal SourcingAccess to local information can be of critical nature. Akka Venture can be an objective independant outside local partner to contribute to address the best investment opportunities in France or Scandinavia, increasing the upside instead of the risk. Different markets can attract foreign investors for different reasons and contribute to provide them with positive differentiating advantages in the eyes of local entrepreneurs. For example, a Russian VC keen to make investments in France, or Sweden where we are located, will be positively perceived, because this investor usually comes along with specific network and capacity of value addition on board, to help entrepreneurs to expand on the largest mobile and e-commerce market in Europe (and vice versa, for a French investor with European companies). Today, the most pan European VCs remain... American, despite the distance but for the good reason that their home market is where the big exits happen.

Akka Venture is one of the rare corporate finance firms which has staff with extensive experience as a VC (incl. fund-of-funds activity) which allows us to understand you and your business best: over-busy in portfolio companies' operations, analyzing new deal flow, making new investments, raising funds: these are all time-consuming tasks.

We never lose sight of LPs' demands over their investments in VC funds
, and therefore of what an investor expects in terms of valuation, and it can be significant differences in expectations and constraints between different types of investors. 
We understand investors' business model is demanding especially in early stages. 

This is why investors need reliable partners to access quality deal sourcing and help them make great exits, so they can focus on what takes the most of their valuable time resources while adding value in portfolio companies, dealing with any types of organic or external growth, and strategic or operational issues.

Besides more focus on core business and deliver higher performance, the other advantage of outsourcing is to benefit from external expertise in case of overload of activity, but also transform fix costs in variable costs.
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"The best investment opportunities are not always local"