Through our demanding fundraising approach, entrepreneurs strongly maximizes their chances to reach "the best deal possible", with the right investors, a fair amount, with fair terms and conditions. Many reputed companies and investors use fund-raising advisories because it is a considerable gain of efficiency for a better result. 

Each case is different with more involvement needed on certain aspects, within the same framework. Typically a fund raising mission is composed of three phases:

Preparation: it usually takes a few weeks to prepare an investment case according to our proprietary methodology which is among the most advanced and demanding. So that it is fast and easy for VCs to see the trees and/or the forest.

Marketing: this phase takes a few months during which we approach selected potential investors according to your specific needs. We assist you before during and after those meetings to reach the investor's interest. A mutual personal fit - first criteria - is created or not between the entrepreneur and investor and we move on accordingly to this and other parameters.

Due diligence, Negotiation and closing: there are often discrepancies about valuation, terms and conditions between investors trying to minimize their risk exposure, and entrepreneurs trying to maximize their rights for their responsibilities and legitimacy. A lot of these are case by case scenarii into the same framework in which we have spent years. Our experience of deal negotiations enables to avoid over-stringent deal breakers - from one side or another - and make intelligent and good-will people agree on what is possible and wishable, or not, to reach together. During this phase, due diligences occur and leave no place for lack of transparency, we work with lawyers on both sides. Typically this phase depending on the deal complexity can take up to two months. And when it is finished, it is in fact only the beginning!
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"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure" 
Colin Powell