Akka Venture is a growth advisory firm which specialises in providing strategic and financial advice to European growth companies and their investors:

A Venture Capitalist typically invests in less than 5% of the cases he receives. 
After spending a lot of time with them, entrepreneurs may develop some feelings of frustration and misunderstanding. Should you meet with 20 investors to have one chance? Which investor is the best fitted for you and your business? How can you make sure to make a win-win deal? Transfert of shares, Stock options?

Potential acquirer or target research, market screening, approach preparation and contact, valuation work and assistance in negotiating terms and conditions. As we pass in review many fast growing companies and have regular contacts with large corporations, we regularly come across M&A opportunities, when it is not included in the fund raising process to perform external growth.

Growth oriented consultancy approach tailored for specific cases which do not enter in our full scope fundraising advisory business, 
Specifics: methodology and process, review of existing documentation, valuation analysis, financial set up, match making list,
Strategic advise as Board member.

Support of portfolio companies with fundraising, M&A and Exit opportunities, 
Deal sourcing identifying high quality deals in specific fields or regions, 
Portfolio analysis and management,
Secondary transactions.

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