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Akka Venture is to expand with new partners, associates and analysts sharing the same cultureWe are looking forward to reinforcing our strategic advisory and fundraising activities in particular. 

Applying partners and associates

Is there any ideal background when one has the ability, the capacity and the motivation? At Akka Venture, we are open minded on diversified backgrounds. We like international, young and experienced profiles. The VC, M&A, entrepreneur and quality academic backgrounds always remain a strong plus. We want to grow primarily in Paris and Stockholm. We need great interpersonal, analytical and synthetic skills, an entrepreneurial mindset that fits our activity and our customers'.

Applying interns

Applicants will have strong skills in market analysis, strategy, financial structuration, perfect English is a requirement. We don't expect you will be fully operational from day-1 but have eagerness to learn and capacity to learn fast, work hard and have fun. 

No other industry provides such a rich environment in which to learn as Venture Capital: multi sectorial, multi-functional, dealing with the source of value creation: entrepreneurs. Over-busy, fast and furious, they count on our support and expertise for highly strategic mission. Besides, VCs by definition are super selective and this puts pressure to get the right skills at every level. 

We need both analytical and synthetic mindset rolling out into our methodology and process. We appreciate backgrounds from the best selective schools, from business schools' entrepreneurial departments, from engineering schools - with a taste for technology and innovation, proven hard work capacities.

"Future belongs to those who have visions, the courage and dedication to turn them into reality"