Cyril Meurillon

Cyril is a product & business development professional with 15 years of experience in ICT. 

He has built and driven world-class teams in Silicon Valley. Cyril also has extensive international experience with offshore software development and customers in Asia & Europe. He now advises mobile and internet startups on their strategy helping them build their business. Formerly he ran EMEA sales at Access, a leading Japanese embedded software company. 

He and his team won large contracts and established strategic relationships with tier 1 customers, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Vodafone. Prior toAccess, Cyril worked at PalmSource where he led the transition to Linux & Open Source and was instrumental in creating the China offshore development site. Earlier at Be Cyril drove much of the BeOS development and architected and wrote many core OS components. 

Based in San Francisco, Cyril supports Akka Venture's customers with a stronger approach of US VCs beyond their European offices


Cyril received an M.Sc. from ENST Telecom Paris (1993)