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In 2012, the Russian VC market has rapidly change and grown significantly. We expect those investors to extend beyond their borders where they will be able to differentiate in bringing specific value addition to enter their vast Eastern market, for example the biggest mobile market in Europe.

Central European VC market remains remains weak in comparison to their potential and European Western peers. 
Historical reasons justify why VC practise is fresher in Central and Eastern Europe, but it is changing despite we overall in Europe seem to keep a quite different angle than investors in the US; a sort of slow motion, lower ambition (and maybe less risky too) version.

It will always be local components in VC which is good, but the best is most often "not only local". Overall, VC across Europe is slowly becoming more efficient with tiers one investors implementing a strategic top down best-of-breed approach at a pan-European scale now acknowledging they have a potentially high interest in:
  • "under-the-radar" fast growing companies, 
  • "death valley" geographical zones with potential (where there is a more or less severe "equity gap", a lack of investors), 
  • "local" expertises and "legitimacy for leadership" of certain companies in certain fields and clusters, certain sectors and "pôles de compétences" in France (our customer canalce is a typical example with French legitimacy for leadership in "enterprise committees", same with Telogic and Danish legitimacy for leadership in MVNOs), 
  • having their quality as a "international investor" being enhanced, bringing different taste of value addition than local investors, in particular when supporting entrepreneurs in their international expansion.
Sometimes the best investment in a given field is just a bit further away than their main geographical base and investors will maximise their own investors' returns if they have the capacity to go this little bit further. Some investors that are aggressive in this sense also make great deals abroad and alone to the detriment of more or less inactive or non-existent local investors. Skype for example (one of the rare multi-billion European Exits) had difficulties to raise funds locally (we were reported that they had an offer, though..). 

We are here to help investors in their endeavour to identify the best potentials in a timely manner, while on the other hand we support entrepreneurs to get the right international syndication.

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