Akka Venture has a sweet spot in supporting companies having great ambitions with international outlook and potential. A good way to do that can be external growth in key markets abroad or organise an increase in capital involving international "hands on" investors, supporting our customer's growth in specific countries. An international approach also multiplies the likelihood to trigger or size high quality opportunities whether that is on the entrepreneur, investor or acquirer side.

Apart noticeable exceptions, the origin and destination of most of VC investments in Europe still shows a high degree of concentration and relative "parochialism" (narrow focus) with Paris Region and {London-Cambridge-Oxford} clusters far ahead, and a few Tech-VC regions more or less well-established or growing: The Nordics {Stockholm-Helsinki-Malmö/Copenhagen-Oslo}, {Berlin, Munich-Grenoble-Genève-Lausanne-Zurich}, the CEE VC market growing fast those past few years, Milan, more and more transactions in Southern Europe: Provence-cote-d'Azur, Spain and Portugal. 

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