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By nature, the investor's work is very diverse (multi fonctional multi sectorial) and demanding; it implies to research, see and hear a lot, 
analyse, meet entrepreneurs all the time, develop market vision, intuition on people and develop broad industrial and financial networks in particular within large corporations for business development or exits matters. It is a people's business.

Considering that the average success rate of VC applicants is in the range of 5%, on the investor's side, the track record only represents the "tip of the iceberg" on top of thousands of cases passed in reviews (approx. 500 cases per year). 

Previously screening dozens of projects per week on the investor side for many years, we got involved in more than 30 VC and M&A transactions (a volume of investments of approx. 30m€ out of a volume of transactions of more than 70m€) in various sectors, stages and roles (sourcing, investing, refinancing, merging/exiting, strategy (on board as observer), business development), including the following companies below:
  • Kelkoo l  E-commerce  l  Shopping Robot  l  Expansion
  • DIBcom  l  Semiconductor  l  Fabless  l Early stage and expansion
  • Ekinops  l Semiconductor  l  Optoelectronics  l  Early stage
  • Altitude Telecom  l  Telecom  l  Wimax  & Telecom services l  Expansion
  • All Telecom  l  Telecom  l  Telecom trading & wifi networks  l  Early stage
  • Netasq  l  Software  l  Security firewalls  l  Early stage
  • Traceone  l  Software  Tracability  l  Early stage
  • Graitec  l  Software  l  AEC software  l  Expansion
  • Numeriland  l  Internet  l  Online advertising network  Early stage
  • Timetobuy  l  Internet  l  Online advertising  l  Early stage
  • NPTV  l Software  l  Intercative TV  l  Early stage
  • Minisat  l Software  l  Interactive TV  l  Early stage
  • Vibes  l Software l  MMPOG  l  Early stage
  • Tekora  l  Software  l  Website creation tool  l  Early stage
Various interesting entrepreneurial journeys. 
Between those, Kelkoo was a 30m$ late stage round of financing; exiting half a billion dollars to Yahoo; still today in the top biggest Internet M&A transactions in Europe - awarded EVCA deal of the year in 2004 - which is one deal out of several hundreds of deals in a given year.

"Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement"