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Ångman, CEO

"Telogic is Akka Venture’s first Danish customer. I never had much belief we would succeed to develop accordingly to our potential if I would talk only to Danish VCs, while our potential is clearly international. 

Future proved me right when I met David Jouarisse and he described me the map of Venture Capital in Europe, and how we could work to get selected. I understood his methodology was very demanding but also maximizing our chances to fulfill our fast growth potential.

Our case would not be presented for as long as it was not considered ready by the investors’ standards. One of the challenges was that our case as a MVNE is complex to structure, as we have several business models depending on the country's regulation and in each country various types of customers. Formerly we had dealt with senior big four financier who granted us he could never modelize this complexity.

I have seen David’s broad and qualitative network among the European investor community, in which we identified those fitting us the best. David always keeps going the distance. Eventually this financing round has been a turning point for us, enabling acquisition of a competitor, international growth and new perspectives. Akka Venture is to be high listed for fast growth Scandinavian companies seeking international investors"

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"Planning is the substitution of error instead of chaos"
Henry Mintzberg (Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning)