: Telogic is the leading MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) platform in Europe, born and grown in Denmark, a country recognized for its expertise in Telco billing systems and MVNO business. One of the reasons is because the Danish market was one of the earliest in Europe to benefit from deregulation.

Market: There are more than 800m SIM cards in Europe, 20% of SIMs are said to be handled by brands instead of carriers, making the MVNO market a huge piece of the mobile market. The MVNO business has evolved from simple buying/selling mn of communication and setting a MVNO has become "the ultimate mobile advertising strategy". Brands having several points of sales and seeking to implement loyalty programs and the most efficient marketing with their customers can do it best by creating their own mobile operator brand, which is done through a MVNE. That results in an invaluable close relationship and knowledge of its customers for the brand.

Transaction: Expansion telco case with strong footprint in Scandinavia. A Scandinavian investor, Payex, joined by a French investor BNP Private Equity financed the company in a joint financing of 4m€ in 2009 and 2010. Akka Venture acted as sole advisor in this cross-border fund raising/M&A transaction focused on international expansion and external growth, in particular through the acquisition of Vi-Stream, a German spin-out company from Materna.

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