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Former "intrapreneurs", "first time entrepreneurs" and "serial entrepreneurs". Too seldom female entrepreneurs. Successful autodidactes or entrepreneurial high level managers and consultants. International profiles. 

In any case, the breed of entrepreneurs we have worked with are
widely recognized for their calibre, entrepreneurial DNA, building fast growing or leading companies in their field. They belong to the type with whom investors can perform superior returns. Public references include:
  • Sandra Le Grand - Founder & CEO, Canalce - Paris, France - Case study and reference
  • Per Erik Ångman - CEO, Telogic - Köpenhamn, Danmark - Case study and reference
  • Sorosh Tavakoli - Founder & CEO, Videoplaza - Stockholm, Sverige
  • Patrik Fagerlund - Founder & CEO, Widespace - Stockholm, Sverige
  • Nicolas Mendiharat - CEO TravelHorizon - Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Niels Henrik Rasmussen - CEO Secunia - Köpenhamn, Danmark
  • Jean Sebastien Cruz - Founder & CEO Netco Sports - Paris France
  • Ragnar Kruse - Founder & CEO Smaato - Hamburg / San Francisco
  • Dejan Romih - Founder & CEO, Mountvacation - Ljubljana, Slovenija
Geographically and in our field, we have had a unique pan European approach. 
While executing deals around our bases in France and Scandinavia, we also look forward to taking on new challenges and pushing the traditional limits of pure national players.

"All the great successes are born from people that have worked like crazy, most often started without a dime"
Philippe Payan