Corporate culture: At Akka Venture, we take culture seriously and believe companies with strong corporate culture deliver higher performance in long term. Technical things aside, what fundamentally sets us apart is a set of values we are attached and keep faithful to, to the point we have them reflected in our own brand name. Culture is the cement that binds us a homogeneous unit; it is a common link between us, with our customers, suppliers and partners. 
Whichever category of customer your are, we are focused, hands on, hard working experts committed through our stringent values and work ethics. 

: we are convinced that our focused hands on and tailored approach combined with the unique quality and breath of our network is the only way to achieve outstanding results for our customers. 

Our rules of engagement
  • Quality stems from commitment which itself stems from passion. Our approach based on quality and professionalism is a major differentiator for our customers.
  • Commitment. Any successful endeavour takes a high level of involvement from us with you and third parties, to make it as efficient as possible for you and your management team who must stay focused on operations while running this demanding parallel process.
  • Passion. At Akka Venture, we have a love for what we do. We love to support entrepreneurs in their breakthrough endeavours, we love to help them reach an inflection point and fulfill their super-growth potential. We don't take past success for granted and know what it takes.
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"Do your work with your whole heart and you will succeed - there is so little competition"
Elbert Hubbard