Our transactions, assignments and track record show nice investment cases, we want it to keep it like this and be some good news for an entrepreneur or investor be in touch with us. 
It is vital for us to pre-select good investment opportunities. This is why we somehow offer a guarantee of quality to investors and their investors, by decentralizing the investment decision process making it it 100% objective, efficient and relying on solid stock-picking reasons (strong team, market opportunity, positioning, business model, matching stage and geographic criteria etc.). Making sure investors receive pre-qualified high quality deal flow.

Venture Capital should not "be the only job you pay to have problems" and investors, especially when investing abroad, need reliable local partners to address the best local opportunities. 
We strive to pre-select only interesting investment opportunities and we want to help the VC community to generate superior returns. The tables below are indicative, the deviation from the average being significant.

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"The best opportunities are not always local"