Our broad network of trusted relations 
within the European VC industry enabling you to push only the right doors.

There are plenty of ways to segmentate the VC arena. In a cross border approach, Anglo-Saxon, Continental (Western, Central, Eastern), Scandinavian or Nordics. 

Between all those, there are some independent, semi-captive, corporate funds; they are "hands on" / "hands with" / "hands off" types of investors, some more likely "taking the lead", some others "following" or both; some are "World Class Global", some others trans-continental, national, pan-regional, regional players. Established brands and new kids on the block. Institutional, pure financiers, entrepreneurial funds, "super angel funds", family offices.. In each team different sensibilities. More or less active, different goals, sweet spots and investment strategies. The investors' world is very diverse.

Having operated actively in the Tech VC arena since 1999, with VC background ourselves, we have built a unique network from several aspects: the quality of our relationships built on a long term and trusted basis, the broadness of those relationships that we have developed across Europe and a deep understanding of what specific investors are looking for, making our customers win a lot of time and reach higher results. 

On one side, the Private Equity investor community is by nature of its own business model super-selective. In addition it is very fragmented by geography, expertise, stage, investment philosophy, type of structure and brand name. 

On the other side, by nature of their fast growing business in lack of financial resources in comparison to their potential, entrepreneurs tend to be very swamped in their operations and therefore under-estimate the level of competition they face when addressing investors. Entrepreneurs tend 
not to know this investor community both in the exhaustive and exclusive manner that we do, for them.

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"It's a people's business"