In a full scope fundraising approach, we 
bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and investors by bringing Investment Banking techniques into fast growing companies:

Strong methodology and process
: proven efficiency leading to results

After our choice to work together, we believe 60% of the success of a fund raising lies in its preparation phase. This investment of time in the beginning to think things through, build a strong business architecture and make the right selection of targeted investors results in great savings of time later in the process. We cross our research with your internal information, process, data crunch and structure all external and internal information in a relevant and attractive way for investors to be able to understand your potential quickly and fully. 

e listen to your vision and your team's input, and decline it not only in forecast hypothesis and P&L but also in operational sequential planning from a technical, business development and sales and marketing point of view. We optimize your strategic positioning, justify your company's optimal path and go-to-market strategy based on thorough market analysis. 

We structure the financial side in a crystal clear way resulting from this market and strategic analysis. The analysis between business plan roll out and budget (initial vision declined in forecast) will be a precious tool of analysis about how to adjust the strategic and operational guidance of the company. Besides, our extensive experience in many
 deals has given us advanced capabilities and high value addition in terms of financial arrangements and negotiation.

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"Planning is the substitution of error instead of chaos" - Henry Mintzberg
"A necessary evil" - 
"The time to think things through is a saving of time"