High value added services such as a successful fundraising can turn out to be one of the best investments to reach an inflection point before getting to the next level, and reach outstanding professional and personal situations.

Our compensation depends on which service we undertake (according to your specific needs) and can take the form of:

Upfront/sign-up fee
: fix compensation to be discussed over nature of specific assignments on a case by case basis;

Man-day/hourly fee
: variable compensation typically in Strategic advisory, or services to Large Corporations and Investors;

Monthly retainer
: this compensation reflects our strong level of commitment into your business for a mission for several months. This is capped at a certain period of time, potentially deductible from the success fee meaning, at the end, our mission is fully paid for by investors;

Success fee
: percentage based on the transaction size. Like legal or audit fees which occur before investors invest, this fee belongs to fund raising related costs and can therefore be deduced from the investment premium, meaning it can stay in the balance sheet (off equity), and not be loaded in expenses. Nevertheless we recommend to leave it as an expense to minimize taxes, another good reason to use our services;

Transaction fee:
percentage of the transaction invested by a financial or industrial acquirer over private shares that we have been assigned to sell partially or totally;

Finder's fee: a
 sourcing oriented mandate is signed on the investor' side and includes an exclusivity so long the deal is not rejected; we created this mandate on request of investors trusting our "quality deal" sourcing ability. This is a rare sort of mandate granted ad hoc / exceptionally. Now if we come across a "perfect potential match" with your investment criteria, this is one way to work.  Examples of deals timely presented to a selection of VCs include first quartile investment opportunities such as Spotify (before the 2008's round when the valuation was about 5% of what it is in 2011 after the round with Kleiner PerkinsAccel and DST..), TAT (The Astonishing Tribe, Sweden), Gandi.net (France)Scandinavian Biogas (Sweden), Neolane (France). If none were unfortunately accepted so far in particular because this is an exclusive (it excludes other investors) and exceptional activity on the margin, in the meantime some nice investment opportunities did come timely for a few investors; opportunities which would not have come otherwise.

Management fee
: fund-of-fund compensation for representation, reporting and management delegation in one or several portfolio companies

: We like to build long term relationships and become a stake-holder beyond our mission, under the form of stock options or shares. Investors appreciate our input even after their investment is made, as we know their new portfolio company in a unique manner.

"Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm" Winston Churchill