First things that come out is our VC background and that we go international
but this is only first sight. 

Thirst for technology, taste for creative rebels, passion for entrepreneurship, Research and Intelligence background guide our steps even before we get into action. 

From action to successful completion, it is a path of hard work and determination. 

Making the strongest documentation as possible is not all. Right visions on markets, right intuitions on people, the fit of our value proposition, in a good timing, the knowledge of the field, the relevant match...

In the fund raising business, investors need quality deal sourcing in due time, they need exceptional entrepreneurs. On their side, entrepreneurs need the right investor fitting their specifics without leaving aside their focus on business. 

Both parties need fair terms and conditions, facilitated by a more independent third party whose best interest is that both parties can converge to a win-win agreement. Our expertise in valuation, legal set up and financial arrangements will dramatically help to reach there.

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"The secret of success is to do common things uncommonly well" - John D. Rockfeller