Brand name, logo and tagline


After a legal and creative work, we shortlisted "Akka Venture" as the brand name which represents best our corporate culture and image of QualityOur corporate identity is also reflected through our logo (triangle) and tagline as explained below. Our brand registration number is 10373764 (INPI). 

1/ Brand name

We chose "AKKA" as a prefix in combination with "VENTURE" as a suffix for the following reasons:
  • Firstly, "AKKA" relates to a chain of mountains (hence the mountains as a background image of our website) symbolizing:
    • Height: we apply high standards of Quality in methodology and process from "stock picking" to completion of the transaction; Height also symbolizes our taste for effort and entrepreneurs targeting high objectives;
    • Vision: the vision from the height. We believe in visionary entrepreneurs and work only on market opportunities that we believe have high potential
    • Grandeur: exceptional sights, high landscapes and fresh air. Mountains inspire a certain grandeur and freedom. We like to work with inspiring entrepreneurs thinking big
    • Humility: the other side for mountains, sometimes made of difficult paths and heading to the top is never won in advance
    • Challenge: climbing mountains reflects our taste for effort. It is a great reward and privilege to reach on top. We like challenges, the journey as the result
    • Scandinavia: Akka mountains are located in (Northern) Sweden close to Finland. Scandinavia is a place of 25m people with a taste for technology, innovation - a Northen cluster made of talented entrepreneurs. While we have an international approach, Akka reflects our special reach and footprint in that sweetspot region
  • Secondly, AKKA refers to the goddess of fertility in Finnish mythology. From this perspective AKKA conveys a good image of what we do, our mainstream business being to prepare our clients before they receive funding from investors; AKKA refers to Finland that we find an amazingly active and concentrated place for entrepreneurs and innovation
  • Thirdly, AKKA sounds similar to the "Haka", a tribal dance from our favorite sport Rugby referring to team spirit, fighting spirit, search for excellence, speed and technique, collective sport of combat, respect, humility, reliability, solidity
  • Finally, there were a few other good reasons to pick AKKA:
    • Legally available in our class of business
    • In the A classK is a powerful solid letter
    • Positive for all the reasons we list here
    • Refers to a white popular type of goose
    • Short and easy to remember
    • International
  • We chose the "VENTURE" suffix as a key differentiator in our market where most of players use "Finance" or "Capital" - more oriented towards the pure concept of money rather than the entrepreneurial spirit. Our "venture" suffix conversely refers to:
    • Our Entrepreneurial and VC background - setting us apart -
    • Entrepreneurs who by "venturing" are the genuine source of value creation
    • The entrepreneurial spirit, a blend of: courage, audacity, hard work, risk taking, perseverance, enthusiasm and ability to well surround oneself
2/ Logo
  • Divine symbol, the triangle in our logotype symbolizes Growth;
  • It represents the idea of mountain's height and our High quality positioning, with High standards in methodology and process; working with entrepreneurs having High ambition;
  • To the Greeks, the triangle is seen as the Delta glyph symbolic of a doorway, the Gate from one state to another, as our clients. Delta, the letter D and the symbol of "Difference" in mathematics, so in what we do!We are keen to make the difference.

3/ Tagline

We picked "Your Partner for Growth" as a tagline reflecting who we are and what we do whether it is for fundraising, M&A, strategic advisory or investor services. 


Coming up with a good brand name, relevant in image and legally valid, is a challenge and it is the quality of the results in the long run that contributes to build a positive corporate identity.

In the end, we evaluated that all these reasons together make "Akka Venture" a special brand name, the triangle the best symbol to represent our positioning centered around - High Growth - and our tagline "Your Partner for Growth" the best line to reflect our identity.